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From left to right we offer Single Rooms with Double Beds, a Twin-Bed room, a 4 Bed Room, and a 6 Bed Dormitory.

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We offer activity tours to different places throughout Imbabura. These activities include, Mountain Trekking, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Waterfall sports, and Hot Spring tours. In addition to that, we also offer free cultural activities like traditional dancing, dressing and drinking in the hostel. Places most visited include; Lago Cubilche: 3700m, Volcan Imbabura 4730 m, El Valle de los duendes and the Hidden Caves and Waterfalls.


Volcán Imbabura


Hot Springs


Rock Climbing

Volunteering And Working In Ecuador

Volunteering And Working In Ecuador: A Traveller’s Guide

Volunteering and working in Ecuador is a great way for you to learn more about the country and get actively involved in the daily life activities. There are many opportunities for you to work and or volunteer in Ecuador. A few of them include; Teaching English.  With the increasing demandRead More

Mindo RainForest

Travelling To Mindo RainForest, Ecuador: A Traveller’s Guide

Mindo Rainforest is famously known for its various species of birds, making it an ideal place for bird watching. Some of the bird varieties include Hummingbirds. Climate: The temperature is usually between 15-24 celsius degrees. The dry season is usually between may to september, and the high season of tourismRead More

Travelling Through Ecuador: North To South & Around

Ecuador is a secure country, and thus has a great ground network of roads, water and rails. Below is information about the most common means of transport throughout the whole country. Buses Taxi Train Boat Car Hire

Ecuador Holidays, Ecuador Holidays & Festivals, Fire Works

Ecuador Holidays And Festivals: A Year Worth Remembering

New Year’s Day: January 1 Carnaval: February or March Good Friday: Date changes each year Labor Day: May 1 Battle Of Pichincha: May 24 Corpus Christi: May 26 Simon Bolivar’s Birthday: July 24 Independence Day: August 10 Guayaquil’s Independence Day: October 9 Cuenca Independence Day: November 3 Founding Of Quito: DecemberRead More

Border, Ecuador, Crossing Ecuador Border

Crossing The Ecuadorian Border: A How To Guide

Getting To And Away From Ecuador: Air, Land & Sea

Travelling to and from Ecuador, is way easier than ever before because the country is strategically located at the coast, and in between various countries. These countries are Colombia to the North and Peru to the South and east. In the Pacific Ocean, it has another land territory called theRead More

Inca Site, Tourist Sites Ecuador, Must See Sites Ecuador

Must See Sites Ecuador, South America: A Traveller’s Guide

When in Ecuador, there are a couple of places that you should travel in to get a get.   What Are The Most Visited And Spectacular Sites In Ecuador? Otavalo Crafts Isla De La Plata Parque Nacional Cotopaxi Jungle El Nariz Del Diablo

Must See Cities, Ecuador, Quito

20 Must See Cities While In Ecuador: A Traveller’s Guide

Ecuador is blessed with different architecture based both on the local and colonial culture. Each city you visit is totally different from any other you get to. Below is information to guide you through each one of them. Quito With lots of Art Museums to offer, Quito is the capitalRead More


Accommodation In Ecuador: Travel Tips And Guide – HostelTerraEsperanza.Com

Your choice of accommodation in Ecuador depends on whether you are a backpacker, short time tourist, and your interests. There costs of accommodation vary from free (if you stay with a local family) to expensive (if you stay in a hotel). The decision you make should mostly depend on yourRead More

Galapagos Island

Visiting The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 2017: Travel Guide

Galapagos Island is a located about 1,000KM from the Guayaquil airport. Facts: First inhabited in 1807. Most active volcanoes islands are Isabela and Fernandina. Other famous islands include: Darwin and Wolf islands. What Animals Can You See In The Galapagos Islands? Sea lions Iguanas (Marine Iguanas as well.) Reef sharks.Read More